Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
By using our website, buyer agrees to comply with the site Terms & Conditions. If you don’t accept these Terms & Conditions, do not use this website. When you place your order, you are accepting the contract and will be subject to the following terms and conditions. If you don’t agree with the following terms and conditions, please don’t proceed further with the order.
All buyers need to cover at least the cost of components or 50% of the order. The balance is due at the time of shipment. Buyer will also be charged labor for any machine placements of SMT components.
Seller warrants that all products will conform to specifications or plans. All products will be of merchantable quantity, fit and sufficient for the purpose ordered. All products have a warranty period of 12 months
Buyer can cancel an order without penalty or payment of cancellation charges if Seller fails to make the delivery as specified. Buyer may also cancel an unfilled portion of this order at any time without cause upon giving seller a written notice. All returns need to be first approved by the seller and all products need to be in original packaging without any faults or defects.

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